Fantastic weekend at the Surrey International Writers’ Conference


After a Thursday, Friday, Saturday and half-day Sunday filled with workshops, I’m pleasantly fatigued but filled with enthusiasm. Blogging is my new baby thanks to Sean Cranbury. You can find Sean at 

I’ve been writing for the past 20 years and finally “published” three years ago (at the age of 77). So there’s hope for all you scribblers out there. If you live in British Columbia, Canada, join the Federation of BC Writers to learn more about Writers Helping Writers. Our organization is for all scribblers, published and/or hoping to be published as well as self-published authors.Look us up at

One of my handles is Ben Nuttall-Smith,  President,  Federation of BC Writers,

I’m also at

Once I learn how to format this blog post properly, I’ll lead you even further astray.

Meanwhile, please be patient with me, I’m just a beginner.


Workshop with Sean Cranbury

I have the good fortune of introducing several workshops at the Surrey International Writers Conference. I’m meeting old and new friends. Now comes one of those amazing rewards for volunteering. I’m learning to create my own website with WordPress.comImage