Christmas and Holiday Greetings

Choristers 15 1:2%22 X 19 1:2%22 mixed media on canvas

Dear fellow Scribblers, 

This is my Christmas Greeting to each and every one of you. I realize there are many among us who do not recognize Christmas. Some of you celebrated Hanukkah November 27th to December 5th. Margot and I lit the first candle of the menorah with friends, as I also celebrated my mother’s side of the family. For others, I wish you a joyful holiday season, whatever your persuasion.

Foremost, I wish to thank you for your many kindnesses to me during the past year, especially when the load began to wear on all of us volunteers. I am so very grateful for David, Mickey, George, Coco, Ann and those of you who so willingly helped with workshops, the retreat, our 2013 A.G.M. and those who greeted us and assisted with workshop visits to Vernon and Haida Gwaii. I’m also very thankful for those who went before, holding the torch even for brief periods of time.

Volunteering, no matter how tiring at times, has been a major blessing for me. I’ve learned so much and am still learning. I’ve been blessed with having books published even though I would like to see some publishers able to do more to promote their writers. Still, publishers do show a certain amount of faith in us and deserve our respect and support.

No matter where you are in your own writing career or hobby, do keep sending out those poems and short stories to “bonafide” contests and Canadian magazines as well as query letters to Canadian publishers.

With an Executive Director taking much of the weight from my Federation duties, I have finally begun to find time to get back to painting and even sketching. Now Margot and I need to plan a trip or two to foreign shores – the inspiration for much of my own writing.

I wish you and all your loved ones a very Happy Christmas and a fantastic 2014 with abundant blessings. Please keep your ears and eyes open for volunteers willing to help carry the Federation of BC Writers into 2014 and beyond.   

Ben Nuttall-Smith  


Federation of British Columbia Writers


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