Rebuke to the Railway


miles    and miles of tanker cars 

rumble past our homes

rattling our windows 

banging at our walls.


chlorinechloridesodium hydroxide

hexyltrichlorosilaneorganophosphorus pesticides

hydrochloric acid and sulfur dioxide 

trichlorisane     ammonia    sulfuric acid    exaldehyde

hydrogen peroxide     hot asphalt     heating oil


crude oilfuel oildiesel fuel  petroleum   

ethanol   methanol   coal unfit to burn

butylene octanes petroleum and gasoline


liquid hydrocarbonsexplosive   toxic flammable

residue from sewer pipesin tanker cars of tin.


they’ll find us as we’re sleeping 

or sitting by our fireplace

or digging in the garden on a summer afternoon.


we’ll never know what killed us  

when the train derails.

when the train derails.   

when the train derails.

when the train derails.


Ben Nuttall-Smith  Surrey, B.C